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Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India


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We are setting up a Bio-CNG Plant at Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh. The Production capacity of the Plant in the Initial stage would be 2.5 TPD substantially the capacity of the plant will go up to 20 TPD in the next 5 years. The Proposed Unit is situated in the Farmers Hub. Thus Raw material transportation would be reduced which would be a unknown huge expenditure. Even Other Raw materials like Veg. Waste, Paddy straw etc can be easily mobilised. As the Proposed plant would be an automatic Plant. Though we need little labour and it is available at a cheaper price. Also, Products like Liquid manure and Solid manure can be easily marketed since it is a farmers' Hubs. Plenty of Groundwater is available, which is an added advantage since we consume 25000 gallons of water.Bio-CNG / CBG is a product that is in Huge demand. The OMCs are Purchasing 100% of Produce. Hence no need for marketing and troubles. It can be used as fuel for Vehicles. and also, It can be used as an alternative to LPG / CNG (Mined). Retail and Industries

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3 Crs

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The company is looking for a fund raise of Rs3 Cr. as a seed capital and will give 30% equity.

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We started Initially with the green Gas project which is an alternative Fuel. In the process, we got into organic fertilizers. Further, this will be extended to Organic Food Items procurement and process the same to edible. Here in the process, we get animal feed as a by-product.

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Bio-CNG / CBG is a product is in Huge demand. OMC’s are Purchasing 100% of Produce. Hence no need of marketing and troubles.. It can be used as Fuel to Vehicles. Also It can be used as alternative to LPG / CNG (Mined). Retail and Industries

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The target is to produce 20 Tons for BIO-CNG in stage wise Stage 1 - 2.5 Tons CNG TPD Stage 2 - +5.0 Tons CNG TPD Stage 3 - +10.0 Tons CNG TPD

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