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Our Services

Business Valuation

BusinessDeals assists you by employing various methods to determine the worth of your business. This includes analyzing financial statements, assessing market conditions, and evaluating industry trends. By considering factors such as cash flow, assets, liabilities and growth potential, we provide you with an accurate and comprehensive valuation of your business. This information can be crucial for making informed decisions, such as buying or selling a business, seeking investments, or obtaining loans. With our expertise in business valuation, we guide you through the process, helping you understand the value of your business and its potential for future success.

Business Advisory

BusinessDeals provides a comprehensive Business Advisory Services support throughout the M&A process. Our Advisory Services include the initial screening of your requirement and advising you on availability of potential Businesses that suit your requirement to due diligence and integration planning, our team guides you in identifying potential targets, conducting financial analysis, negotiating deals, and developing post-merger integration strategies. With our expertise, we navigate your complex legal and regulatory requirements, assess synergies and risks, optimize valuation, and ensure a smooth transition. Our goal is to maximize the value of your M&A transactions, minimize disruptions, and facilitate successful integration for long-term business growth.

Business Turnaround Services

If your business is facing challenges or underperforming, BusinessDeals provide business turnaround services to help you overcome difficulties and get back on track. Our Team conduct a thorough assessment of your operations, financials, and market position to identify the root causes of the problems. Based on the findings, we develop a turnaround plan that may involve cost reduction strategies, operational restructuring, financial restructuring, and strategic realignment. We provide guidance and support throughout the turnaround process, helping you implement necessary changes and monitor progress to achieve a sustainable recovery and improve your business performance.

Due Diligence

BusinessDeals has a specialist team for conducting thorough research and analysis to assess the financial, legal, and operational aspects of a business or investment opportunity. Our team conducts a thorough Due- Diligence and reviews financial statements, contracts, legal documents and other relevant information to identify any potential risks or opportunities. We also provide insights and recommendations based on the analysis to help you make informed decisions. By leveraging our expertise and attention to detail, we support you in conducting a comprehensive due diligence process, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the potential risks and rewards associated with the investment or business venture.

Business Plan

Our Team develops comprehensive Business Plans for Start-Up Businesses. The business plan not only outlines your vision, objectives and strategies for success but also gives roadmap to implement the vision of the Entrepreneur. By conducting market research, analyzing industry trends and assessing your competitive landscape, we assist you in developing a comprehensive business plan that includes a detailed description of your products/services, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and implementation timeline. A well-crafted business plan can not only serve as a roadmap for your business but also attract potential investors or secure funding from financial institutions.

Business Growth Services

In terms of business growth services, BusinessDeals help you identify opportunities for expansion and develop strategies to achieve sustainable growth. Our Team will assess your current business model, market position and competitive landscape to create tailored growth plans. This may involve analyzing new markets, diversifying your product/service offerings, optimizing your sales and marketing efforts, and leveraging technology for efficiency. We work closely with you to set realistic growth targets, monitor progress, and provide ongoing support to ensure successful implementation of growth initiatives.

Legal Consultancy

BusinessDeals provide expert guidance on various legal matters to protect your business and ensure compliance with relevant laws. Our services include contract review and drafting, intellectual property advice, business formation and structure, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution strategies. We analyze legal risks, assist with licensing and permits, and offer solutions to minimize potential liabilities. Whether you need assistance with legal documentation, navigating complex regulations, or resolving disputes, we provide clear and actionable advice to help you make informed decisions and safeguard your business interests.

Incubation Services

With our expertise in business incubation, we guide you through the process of launching and growing your startup or new venture. From ideation to commercialization, our team provides support in areas such as market analysis, product development, business model refinement, and access to networks and resources. We navigate you the challenges of starting a business, connect you with mentors or industry experts, and assist in securing funding or partnerships. By leveraging our experience in incubation services, we increase your chances of success and help you build a solid foundation for your business.

NPA Settlement

Our Team of professionals assist you in devising strategies to settle and manage distressed loans. By conducting a thorough analysis of your financial situation, loan terms, and available options, we provide guidance on negotiating with lenders, restructuring debt, or exploring settlement options. We help you understand the legal and regulatory aspects related to NPA settlement and develop a customized plan to resolve the situation in a manner that aligns with your financial goals and minimizes the impact on your business. With our expertise we help you navigate the complexities of NPA settlement and find a favorable resolution.

Market Research

BusinessDeals can assist you with market research by conducting comprehensive analysis to gather valuable insights about your target market, customer preferences, and industry trends. This includes gathering data through surveys, interviews, and competitive analysis. We will interpret the findings to help you make informed decisions about product development, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns. By understanding your market better, you can identify opportunities for growth, refine your business approach, and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Negotiation Services

BusinessDeals prepare you for negotiations by conducting thorough research and analysis of the target company, its financials, and market position. With our expertise, we can develop negotiation strategies and tactics to optimize deal terms and protect your interests. We assist in drafting and reviewing legal documents, facilitating communication between parties, and fostering productive negotiations. By leveraging my knowledge and experience in M&A transactions, our aim is to help you achieve favorable outcomes and navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions effectively.

Post-Transaction Support

Our team offers Post-transaction support by way of assistance and guidance provided to businesses after a transaction has been completed, such as a merger, acquisition, or investment. As a business advisor, we offer this service to help clients navigate the challenges and maximize the benefits of the transaction. This support includes activities such as integrating new entities, aligning business strategies, optimizing operations, managing cultural changes, and addressing any post-deal issues that may arise. By providing post-transaction support, we ensure a smooth transition and help businesses realize the full potential of the transaction, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.

Partners- Dispute Resolution

We offer our services for dispute resolution amongst business partners. As a business advisor, we can assist in this area by providing a neutral perspective and helping partners find common ground. BusinessDeals offer this service to ensure that conflicts are addressed promptly and effectively, minimizing the negative impact on the business. Through mediation, negotiation, or other appropriate methods, we can facilitate open communication, explore mutually beneficial solutions and help partners maintain a harmonious and productive working relationship.

Family Settlement

BusinessDeals have specialists to resolve any kind of family disputes which have a commercial angle. Family dispute settlement is among family members to resolve disputes or conflicts regarding the distribution of family assets, inheritance, or other related matters. It typically involves negotiations and agreements to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. We provide guidance and assistance in facilitating family settlements by offering objective advice, helping to identify common interests and suggesting fair and practical solutions. Our role would be to ensure effective communication, promote understanding among family members, and help create a harmonious and sustainable settlement that preserves family relationships and protects the interests of all parties involved.

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