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BusinessDeals is a team of Business Professionals engaged in providing consultancy in various facets of Services for small and medium businesses, businessmen, investors, Professionals, Venture Capital, Private Equity funds etc. The extraordinary growth and a booming economy of India is gearing up to be a leading global economic power in the coming few years and this is opening up new avenues for conducting business.

Buyers and sellers are increasingly turning to the Internet as their first stop to search for businesses for sale or to advertise their businesses for sale. Our mission is to create a virtual marketplace to bring buyers and sellers together through the internet, thereby transforming the way in which businesses are bought and sold.

Consultancy for Business Start-ups and executing new Business ideas is one of our core businesses. We provide Capital & consultancy support to new Business ideas for execution and our services range from start-up plans to helping mature businesses prepare for their next phase of growth. Further we conduct financial analysis and due diligence for acquisitions and it is our endeavour to give a new dimension to having Joint Ventures and Partnerships by bringing together business ideas or running business with finance and other resources.

We represent various Venture Capital/Private Equity Funds and Large Investors in India and have a base of more than 4000 businesses in various categories waiting for execution from small Start-ups to medium and large Joint Ventures.

BusinessDeals incubates business for companies planning to set up operations in India which includes facilitating new and International companies set up their offices in India. Till such time they are ready to commence operations, on their own, we provide overall assistance and offer to represent them in India furthering their business interests and includes all kinds of PR activities to setting up business processes and bringing the businesses to desired level of working.

This rich experience with us to offer business consultancy, co-ordinating services such as Business Buy and Sell, Joint Ventures/Partnership search assistance and our comprehensive know how and awareness of Business trends differentiates us from our counterparts. Our services are best suited for requirements of our clients who are interested in expanding their business ventures and our services are customized for complete satisfaction of the requirements of our customers.