Refund Policy

Refund Policy

General Guidelines:

All payments for packages and services are taken upfront by BusinessDeals and in most of the cases, we do not provide any option for refund or cancellation of services or packages so purchased or subscribed by the customer.

BusinessDeals provides free options for its listings and other services and we would advise customers to avail of the free services as a test before you subscribe to any of the packages or services of BusinessDeals. However, on a case to case basis we would provide alternate service or leads incase some listings have not been validated by the customer or BusinessDeals.

On Business services such as Information Memorandum, Valuation and Business Teasers where customers have provided timely information asked for, refund would be applicable to a maximum extent of 50% of the amount paid provided the services are not timely delivered.

Meetings can be rescheduled 24 hours prior to the meeting time for virtual and in-office meetings. The time slots for these rescheduled meetings would be conveyed to the customer. There would be no charge levied if these meetings are timely rescheduled. However there would be no refund against meetings for No-Show or request for rescheduling for less than 24 hours of the meeting. For outstation and out of office meetings can only be rescheduled atleast 72 hours before the departure time.

Refund of Charges:

As per policy, if a customer falls in the above criteria refunds would processed only for Services not availed and the customers are required to share in the refund request by email on with the following details:-

1)User or Listing ID

2)Order Number

3)Payment Date

On receipt of the refund request BusinessDeals would investigate whether the services paid for have been delivered to the customer either partly or completely. After compiling all relevant details a refund order would be generated if applicable and the amount would be refunded as per terms within 7 working days from the receipt of intimation.

For any violations of the above Terms and Conditions & all for all refund requests please report on