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Biodegradable plastics are not new, they are here since 2004 but 90% of the plastics that we come in touch with are still non-biodegradable. The reason is that out of the various types of bioplastics available, more than 60% of it is based on starch and are very low in strength compared with traditional plastic. Food-grade materials are being used for their products which makes them expensive and non-viable. We are tapping into the single-use plastic domain, so wherever a single-use packaging solution is required we will serve those needs while taking care of the environment. We are planning to execute a Pilot plan for the production of Plastic granules. In this government will provide us with a land area of 1000 sq./ ft, Here we will set up machinery for production, with a capacity of 15 Kg Plastic granules per day. And distribute the free samples in the food industries.

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We want an investment of Rs.25 lac for the equity dilution of 5%.

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We have developed a Fiber Reinforced Protein based Biodegradable plastic that has vast potential to revolutionize the whole plastic industry!

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Our approach and uniqueness of the idea of using milk protein/Casein instead of plant-sourced starch to produce a range of biodegradable packaging solutions is the game changer. Protein has a more complex structure than starch, but our approach to making it behave the same as starch plastic but still holding the required strength is the unique factor.

Future Potential

Our fiber-reinforced bioplastic can be made into cutlery, plates, spoons, straws, and containers i.e targeting single-use plastics. It also has the potential to make films but we are sticking to the above things for now as it will require different equipment and the composition also will have to be changed.

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5 team member

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Very rare.

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