A Biryani Cloud Kitchen looking for Investment to Expand

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

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12 Lacs

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Catering & Cloud Kitchen

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We are a pioneering venture in the cloud kitchen industry, founded by a self-made entrepreneur with a passion for culinary excellence. Our journey began with a vision to redefine biryani, and we've successfully crafted a unique blend of flavors that has captured the taste buds of our patrons. we pride ourselves on offering an exquisite biryani experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Our commitment to quality ingredients, authentic recipes, and innovative cooking techniques sets us apart in the market. As we embark on this culinary adventure, our goal is to expand across India, bringing the unmatched taste of Biryani to every corner. What makes us distinctive is not just our delectable biryani but also our foray into storytelling. Our Biryani Production has transformed our captivating narratives into cinematic experiences, enhancing the connection between our brand and our audience. We are currently seeking strategic partnerships to fuel our expansion. Join us in this flavorful journey, and together, let's bring the essence of Biryani brand to the hearts and palates of people nationwide.

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50 Thousand

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Our proposal involves a collaborative deal structure where the investor contributes 12 Lakh INR to Jawan Biryani's cloud kitchen expansion. In return, we offer a profit-sharing model of 50-50, providing the investor with a fair share of the monthly profits. With an anticipated monthly turnover of 12 Lakh INR and a comprehensive growth strategy, this deal ensures a mutually beneficial partnership. Detailed terms and conditions will be outlined in a formal agreement to establish transparency

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Revolutionizing the cloud kitchen scene, our unique biryani blends authentic flavours with cinematic storytelling. Join us on this culinary and narrative adventure.

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