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It’s a totally green filed project. Its in to manufacturing of Rapid Diagnostic kit. The total projected cost will be around Rs. 2 cr which will include Rs. 80 lakhs for capex & remaining for working capital. The company will engaged primarily in Contract Manufacturing on Principal to principal basis at initial stage & then take it ahead on distribution model to increase the margin. Our plan is very much realistic and focused to keep hold of customers in major markets in India and abroad; thus enabling us in increasing the total revenue by 5 times of the initial investment in just the next 5 years. Breakeven would be reached within 3 years of launching the business. The rate of growth of overall Diagnostics market in India is approx 25% per annum. With an aggressive marketing strategy and product focus, we are targeting an organizational growth of about 33-35% per annum which is very much feasible. The Diagnostics Industry is a growing industry with huge potential in India and all the SAARC and other developing nations across the globe. In the last 3 years this industry has grown by 500% and still there is a large scope for new products and innovative players. Before launching the product in the market, we would be doing various campaigns and also we would be distributing free demo-kits and giving demonstrations in various laboratories, hospitals and health institutions. Growth potential and opportunity is excellent in this business. As the market size itself is increasing, even the marketing efforts of our competitors are increasing awareness about the whole industry and issues related to improvement of human health. Early detection means early cure and hence improved healthy life of an individual. We would be selling a consumer product, but would sell it through a channel of distributors and in some cases directly also apart from tenders. Overall, we would like to project the image of a world class producer and marketer in the Diagnostics Industry with affordable pricing – Made in India!

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3 persons (Potential / Intended suitors) are exploring option to start a manufacturing/assembly to start their own business they have Business Plan on Manufacturing & Marketing of Rapid Diagnostic Kits.

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We are promoting an organization which is aspiring to produce World class diagnostics test kits and Biochemistry products in India along with bringing the consumer friendly diagnostics equipment in India and marketing them to the end user.

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Diagnostics is the first step before any other healthcare decision is made and hence it has to be performed. When it comes to health nobody compromises. Hence, this industry would never see recession.

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3 persons (Potential / Intended suitors) are exploring option to start a manufacturing/assembly to start their own business. 1st person is PHD & will lead the project. He is a scientist & associated with IIT-Mumbai also on different projects. 2nd persons are from Pharma / Healthcare industry having individual experience of about 20 years in marketing and distribution. He had headed the national level sales in his earlier assignment. 3rd person is a Chartered Accountant having about 20 year experience finance, accounts, taxation / commercial in manufacturing / service sector.

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Yes. we have competition in the market but participating in major diagnostics events across the globe would help us in getting more business. Stalls at trade shows would help us in this way.

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