Updated - 10-10-2023

Agricultural Revolution: Staple Food Crops Business Looking for Funding

Jos, Plateau, Nigeria


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This company is targeted in groupgroundnut, soybeans, and rice, which are staple crops in Nigeria and beyond.this business will benefit the local and international communities by providing jobs and increasing the supply of these essential crops. And with time we plan to expand to more staple crops on the planet....

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I am seeking an investment of $6000 to start a new agricultural business. The money will be used to hire laborers, purchase equipment, and purchase pesticides. I expect to generate a return of $10,000 within a period of 12 months.

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The company is focused on growing staple crops like soybeans, groundnuts, and rice, which are important sources of nutrition for many people...

Key Highlights

Our company is strategically located in a region of Nigeria with a climate that is ideal for growing soybeans, groundnuts, and rice. The states of Plateau and Taraba have an abundance of rainfall and fertile soil, which make them ideal for growing these crops.

Future Potential

In addition to the crops we are currently growing, we have plans to expand into other crops such as wheat, cocoa, and coconut oil. We believe that this expansion will allow us to diversify our offerings and provide even more value to our customers...and being one of the leading food producers on the planet...

Team Overview

We have a team of highly qualified individuals each bringing in a unique skill and committed in taking the company to the next level.

Competition / Market

The Increasing demand for locally grown food and the rising prices of imported goods makes this company one of the most anticipated launch in the country and even beyond...

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