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Business ID :- LB09169

An MSME Paper Unit Available for Sale

, Goa , Goa

  • Asking Price : 1.80 crores
  • Revenue : 50 lacs



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Paper & Packaging

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Running Profitable



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An MSME Paper Unit Available for Sale

, Goa , Goa

  • Asking Price : 1.80 crores
  • Revenue : 50 lacs

A 4 years old successfully Running MSME company is available for sale in North Goa. Unit is in manufacturing of Tissue Paper, aluminium foil, toilet rolls, & dona plate. The capacity of the unit is to produce 50-60 bags of soft tissue, 30 bags, of toilet paper & 2.5 bags of aluminium foil in a day. Unit is producing soft tissue & toilet rolls in bulk, but at present. unit is using 30% of the capacity. and there is vast scope of increasing the production / sale to go to 100 lacs by aggressive marketing and buying in bulk raw material say10-14 tons where it is the cheaper by about 15 %. Presently 9 machines are available in the unit e.g: 2 hand machinery, 2 soft tissue machinery, 1 toilet role machine, 1 aluminium foil machine, 1 dona plate machine, and 2 sealing machines. The company have own brand name which is popular in MSME sector. Currently the company also signed a contract with sale/ Transport company . wherein company get the orders and delivering them . The business is run from a Rented premises of 250 Sq yards

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Tissue paper related items

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Company havethe strong customer base

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  • Type: Leased
  • Real Estate Value/Rent: INR 35000 thousand
  • Description: Total area is 250 sq.mt

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