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Baramati, Maharashtra, India


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Since 2017 we are in the market of Animal husbandry equipment . Our manufacturing plant is based in MIDC, it is 900 sq yards and built up area is 4000sqft. Our monthly turnover is around 22 to 26 lac and is growing by 20-40 % every year since 2017. We have staff of 27 workers including office staff. Till now we have acquired pan India customer base and served to more than 10,000 farmers across India. We make all type of Cattle feed plants ,Poultry feed plants, milking machines, Oil expellers ,Bio waste shredder , bulk milk cooler , Poultry feed automation system etc. Currently we are producing about 25 machineries in a month. Few of the processes are outsourced which we want to do inhouse and investment is required for that.

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20 Thousand

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Two choices for Deal and profit sharing 1. Investor will get 50 % profit share yearly 2.13 % ROI yearly

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We have competitors in the market ,but every product has different competetor .It means we are came with bunch of products in the market in which competition is different for different product .

Products & Services

Bio waste machines ,Poultry feed machines ,Cattle feed machines ,milking machines ,Oil expellers , chaff cutters , Poultry feed automation system , silo system, Pulverisers ,Turmeric grinders ,Spice grinders ,Spice blenders etc.

Growth Potential

We have found 20-25% growth since 2017 , it is because every cattle farmer want to increase is his number cows or buffaloes also same for goat and poultry farm.Thats why it has huge market growth. Because of Feeding industry is very big industry and it is rapidly growing every year ,that's why we want to reduce our production time for machineries and increase production of machineries with quality , right now we do not have some manufacturing facilities like metal laser cutting machine, press bending machines ,rolling machines etc ,we need to outsource to avail these facilities , and that consumes our time .

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