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Amritsar, Punjab, India

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In today’s fast-changing world of food, the utensils that hold the food play a major role in the food and packaging industry. We have solved the problem of degradation by making edible cutlery line made of three flours: rice, wheat, and sorghum Therefore, our goal is to provide a replacement for the current disposable utensils on the market. Our spoons are delicious, but if they are not consumed, they are able to degrade in any outside environment, as they do not have specific requirements for degradation. In a standard environment where the spoons are exposed to nature, they will degrade within 10 days or be eaten by other animals, similarly to a biscuit that may be thrown outdoors. Our ingredients are as simple with absolutely no preservatives. The lack of water, moisture, or fat in our product allows it to have a long shelf life without the need for extra preservatives. They include: sorghum flour, rice flour, and wheat flour. However, because we knead our dough through a certain method, our final product contains less than 10 ppm in gluten. Though we are not yet certified gluten free, we are working on it, and our ultimate goal is to create a formulation that requires absolutely no wheat. We want to setup manufacturing unit if the investment is approved.

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30 Lacs

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For the 3.5 Crores Equity of 30% will be Diluted.

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Edible cutlery with the potential of expansion in Pan India through dealership network.

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3 People working on business Development

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Not Many competitors

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