Updated - 09-10-2023

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Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana


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Adom Educational complex School is one of the schools in Santasi new - site in the Kumasi - Sub - metro (Ghana 🇬🇭), It was established on the month of September 2007, and we started with 10 students. Adom Educational Complex classes start from Crèche - Junior High School,, with a current students of 235 students.The school is composed of a Temporary structure from Crèche to junior high school building , The school has inadequate rooms, equipment and tools but teaching and learning process are well delivered for the need of the student. With all our challenges our Junior High School pulled 100% schools in the past 4years Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E),Currently the school is in existence and I want the betterment of the school , so am using this noble platform to seek for an assistance either investing or partnership. Am humbly appealing to you all.most people wants to enroll their kids at my school but due to the nature of my school am not getting them and if we are able to come together to uplift the school,it will generate a lot of income and you won’t regret it.Thank you all in advance

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170 Thousand

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Is a one-half full plot by the size of 100 by 150 in a well known city having a house built on a side of it and having temporary 13 rooms built on it with two cars

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Adom Educational Complex doors are open for the investor or the partner to determine the percentage of the the shares ,50% - 60% to the investor or the partner

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Raising the academic standards to compete with category A a school’s• When choosing a school for your ward my school will be first in to enroll your ward • The School will be able compete with other schools for titles to bring Glory to the School such as National Quiz , Science Quiz and to also partake in the introduction of the STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. It is an interdisciplinary approach that helps students succeed in college and in their future careers. The focus of a STEM education is hands-on, problem-based learning.

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Our portfolio-, involves the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values through teaching, learning, and experiences. It's a lifelong journey of intellectual and personal growth.

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Growth that am looking at is to have a standardized School facilities.All of my students will demonstrate measurable growth in mathematics. All students will meet typical growth identified by the MAP assessment. At least 80% of my students will meet or exceed “proficient” on the end of the year MAP assessment. .My students will excel in the secondary schools My students will be ideal students and genius to perform any task given to them in their field of work

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