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Magnetic flywheel is a device that can be used to save energy, improve effectiveness and working efficiency of any machine, device that use motion. It is right it can be used to save fuel and improve performance of any device. With this device we can use to reduce the load of any machine and improve fuel efficiency. Currently, we are doing manufacturing work of our of this device in India only and to start business in other territories we can supply goods directly from our main office. First of its kind product that reduce carbon emission from vehicle without losing its power. Its useful with respect to environment friendly policies. As per the business goals we have received good amount of money on regular basis and with the help of that we are trying to setup factory on department wise and invest the each and every penny to grow our business.

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Seeking 10 Crores and will dilute Equity after discussion

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We have made a component using magnetic force to increase the mileage of a vehicle. This helps to reduce physical efforts and reducing engine effort of vehicle.

Key Highlights

Now, As you already knows that our product can be used everywhere, we have decided to keep some milestones to execute a partnership agreement with the investors. Right now we are focusing on vehicles like Two wheeler vehicles, Three wheeler vehicles , four wheeler vehicles and heavyweight vehicles like trucks and buses. After achieving milestones an investor can be a partner with us for a particular city / state / region based on fulfilling our guidelines.

Future Potential

Huge market to grow into as this product can be fitted on most Electric and non electric vehicles

Team Overview

We are a team of 5 people and waiting for the investment to increase the team size by setting up manufacturing unit.

Competition / Market

We are in Blue Ocean for the market as this product is the only made by us.

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